To bring life-changing, restorative healing to those affected by psychiatric illness by improving the way mental health care is provided.

Not all ailments are visible, so we are focused on healing the unseen with tailored, evidence-based care pathways.  We are the community’s premier healthcare provider, employer, and partner in mental health care services and put into action our mantra to “Always Do the Right Thing”.


To raise the standards of mental health care by breaking down barriers to increase accessibility of high-quality care, tailored to meet each patient wherever they are in their mental healthcare journey.

Our NeuroBehavioral care model utilizes a fully integrated interdisciplinary team approach to provide the highest quality, compassionate health care to our clients, families, and others in need, through a comprehensive array of services anchored in exceptional service and personalized treatment plans for the most optimized clinical outcomes.

Corporate Headquarters
4905 Park Ridge Blvd
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