NeuroBehavioral Hospitals is Raising the Standard of Mental Healthcare

Hospital Environment of Care

Patient centered designs that are safe, modernized, & best-in-class facilities to promote restoration.

Treatment Team Approach

Patients experience comprehensive Treatment Team meetings which assess  individual complexities and custom tailor a plan of care. Patients are highly involved in the decisions related to their care.

Structured Comprehensive Programming

NeuroBehavioral Hospitals understand the need to make meaningful use of one’s time while we care for them. Our daily structured programming model is filled with valuable activities and therapies to further support our recovery oriented model and our approach to care.

Staff Provision

Our hospitals are dedicated to employing the brightest and most highly qualified healthcare professionals. Correspondingly, we’ve equipped each facility with a robust staffing model that allows our staff to focus on individual patient needs more.

Additional Support Resources

NeuroBehavioral Hospitals has committed to employing Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Peer Support Specialist to provide additional support to each patient. As part of the care team, our Licensed Clinical Psychologist will offer individual psychotherapy sessions to each NBH patient. Additionally, our Certified Peer Support Specialist will work alongside our patients to advocate for their needs and promote restorative healing.

Medical Care

The on-site medical team will aid in the treatment of certain medical comorbidities that can safely be managed at our NeuroBehavioral Hospitals.

Food & Nutrition

Understanding that diet plays a key role in a person’s well-being, our patients will enjoy a nutrient-rich & delectable dining experience.

Full Care Continuum

From assessing each distinct patient’s most effective level of need, to serving patients who are brought to the facility for an involuntary examination under the Baker Act, to treating the voluntary individuals who recognize the need to be in a safe inpatient setting, to a myriad of outpatient services such as Partial-Hospitalization Programming (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP), we are committed to providing a level of service that meets the needs of our patients.


Each of our hospitals is supported by the latest technology to ensure our patients have access to necessary resources, staff remain compliant with their responsibilities, and to ensure safety.


We aim to accept all major insurances.

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