We know today, especially when so many are uninsured or underinsured, it is important for you to have healthcare pricing information. We are committed to making this information available so you can better anticipate and understand financial responsibilities to make informed healthcare decisions.

Because we know that healthcare is complex and that a general listing of prices for our common procedures will not meet everyone’s needs, we have established a team you can contact directly through our toll-free number 561.532.4965 for a prospective service quote. Our goal is to make this important information easy to access and personal to you. We believe this is one more way we are leading the way in better patient service.

For more information on payments made to facilities for defined service bundles and procedures please go to:  https://pricing.floridahealthfinder.gov


What is pricing transparency?

How do I obtain a patient estimate?

What services are included in my estimate?

What services are excluded in my estimate?

What does "uninsured" mean?

What information do I need to have available to obtain an estimate?

Can I get an exact pricing quote?

What is expected of patients in terms of payment?

How does the insurance billing process work?

What do I do if I need more information?