Palm Beach County, Florida – Today, NeuroBehavioral Hospitals of the Palm Beaches (NBH) announced it will be opening two locations, North and South, to increase access to mental health care in Palm Beach County. NBH-North opened on April 11 in the space previously occupied by the St. Mary’s Institute for Mental Health at 993 45th Street, West Palm Beach, Florida. NBH-North is licensed as a hospital provider of Baker Act emergency treatment services as well as providing outpatient services. NBH-South, a specialized hospital capable of serving voluntary patients who require additional treatment or have medical complexities, will open approximately eight weeks later at the space previously occupied by the Watershed Treatment Center at 4905 Park Ridge Blvd, Boynton Beach, Florida. These new facilities will provide high quality, evidence-based services in best-in-class environments, to individuals experiencing a mental health condition who require inpatient hospitalization.

The Health Care District’s mission is to recognize and bridge gaps of the health care needs within our community, and we see a huge need in our mental health delivery of services.” said, Darcy J. Davis, CEO of the Health Care District. “Partnering with NeuroBehavioral Hospitals, who is committed to raising the standards of mental health care that is grounded in evidence based, quality treatment planning will be a much-needed health care provider for our community at a perfect time.”

“NeuroBehavioral Hospitals will provide compassionate healthcare to individuals suffering with mental illness,” said Beau Lynch, CEO of NeuroBehavioral Hospital of the Palm Beaches. “Since the closure of the Jerome Golden Center in 2019 and subsequent consolidation of services by other providers, access to care in Palm Beach County has been severely limited. Our NBH North and South locations are the first step at reversing this trend and raising the standard of mental healthcare. Our goal is to improve health and transform lives and NeuroBehavioral Hospitals of the Palm Beaches will change the way mental healthcare is provided in the communities we serve.”

“Our NeuroBehavioral care model uses a fully integrated interdisciplinary team approach to provide individualized, comprehensive mental health care to each patient.” said Dr. Paul Rashid, Chief Medical Officer. “The interdisciplinary team’s goal is to consider the individual complexities of each patient and personalize each treatment plan for the most optimized outcomes.”

“We are thrilled to be working with NBH and look forward to collaborating with likeminded providers committed to improving the behavioral health care and improving access to our community.” said, Ann M. Berner, CEO at Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network. “In 2019 after the closure of the Jerome Golden Center, and subsequent behavioral health closures, our community has lost 104 inpatient mental healthcare beds which was a blow to our integrated delivery system at a critical time. Now that NBH North and South campuses are coming online, Florida is, for the first time in years, gaining a much-needed addition beds, bringing a total number of NBH mental health inpatient beds in Palm Beach County to 114.”

NeuroBehavioral Hospitals is committed to raising the standard of mental health care. With nearly twenty years of experience providing evidence-based, trauma-informed programs in a variety of inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings, NeuroBehavioral Hospitals of the Palm Beaches and its affiliated sites currently provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment to approximately 3,000 patients in ten states. Learn more at